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Original Momobands  (All nonslip Momobands come with the
adjustable strap.)

MomoFit headbands are our latest style and newest look.  Be sure to visit the online store to see the best and creative ways to wear this headband.

MomoFobs are now available in two sizes....The Grab n Go which is our original size and now we offer the Wristlet which fits around your wrist.

MomoTails are a soft alternative to regular ponytail holders.  These come in several different colors/styles/patterns.

MomoBows are MomoBands with the added bonus of a bow on the back side.  After putting on the headband, adjust the strap, and then tie the bow.

Funky Mos have many different functions.  You can wear it as a headband, face warmer, do rag, scrunchy, etc....

Our three main reasons for Momo BandsTM

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